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Solvere Logistics provides Phalanx™ as an on-demand service, furnishing companies with the technology necessary to increase visibility and control expenses associated with logistics operations; at a low cost of ownership.

Phalanx™ is an enterprise-class, logistics management platform that bridges the gap between optimized transportation plans and day-to-day global logistics activities that occur with any number of carriers across all modes of transportation. Phalanx™ enables companies to gain visibility and control of all shipments through a carrier-neutral, cloud-based system which leverages a rules-based workflow engine to manage internal and external company shipment processes. By streamlining processes and information management associated with all shipping modes and locales. Phalanx™ reduces costs, increases efficiency and improves process compliance.


Logistics Management Opportunities

On-Time Deliveries
Improved Capacity Utilization
Direct Transportation Spend
Shipping Errors